Wednesday, February 3, 2016


The cabinet above the closet finally came to the top of the list. So here we go...
Very messy and difficult to get into and out of the closet. 

Almost a cabinet. 

Moved the stuff, and now to take the mirrors down. 

Ready to hang the cabinet. 

Cabinet is up. Whew!

Much better! Less messy! And I can get into the closet much more easily. 

I'm now debating about the cabinet door.  I kinda like it without the door.  On the other hand, a door would make for a cleaner look.  I'll have to think about that.  I need to go to IKEA anyway and get a couple more of the green boxes.  I really like them.  One is holding Nellie's toys, treats, coat, and sweatshirt.  The other is currently holding printer paper and scratch paper from all the scanning I've been doing.  So one day soon I'll have to make a choice about a door.  

I also need to re-do the lights under the storage loft.  I suppose I could have left them just like they were, but oh well. Could be exciting to see what I come up with.  We'll see!