Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Just stuff

Last time I wrote about installing the cabinet over the closet.  In the process of clearing the wall space for the cabinet, I took down some mirror squares.  I put the mirror squares back on the wall on the other side of the window and now they are like a full-length mirror of sorts.  The funny thing is that they freak me out sometimes because I think it is a window and I don't have the blinds down.  I know it is just a weird illusion, but I think I'll need a few days to get used to it.  

Poor Nellie, I have trained her terribly!  The smell of bacon makes her cower.  Yes, it is all my fault.  I was cooking bacon for my bacon, cheese, lettuce wrap this evening and couldn't figure out why Nellie wasn't standing at my side begging for a tiny morsel of a bacon treat.  I looked outside and she was standing about 20 feet from the front door with her tail between her legs looking at me like she was in trouble.  I called her and she wouldn't come, but continued to stare at me.  All of the sudden it hit me...she has associated the smell of bacon with the smoke alarm singing...and with good reason.  Today, I had the windows and doors open because the weather was so nice, so the smoke alarm didn't go off.  Poor puppy.  I really need to be more careful about that.  

I haven't done a lot with the house this last couple of weeks because I've been doing a giant math review.  I've started my own tutoring business and I figured I'd better brush up.  I have one client so far and a couple of other people who showed interest.  So I guess we'll see. 

I did buy the fabric for the tv stand cover/cushion.  I'm excited to get that started and I'm still going to make a cover for the bean bag because Nellie really likes to sleep on it.  So I have a couple of sewing projects to do.  Those are both on my to-do list for this week.  Yippee!  PS.  Nellie likes to sit on the new bench and look out the window.  I love that she has a place to see out.  

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