Monday, February 22, 2016

Scanning Project Rule #1

Scanning project
Rule #1. Don't second guess the contents of the garbage bag. You've already looked at it and made the decision to 86 it. Don't dive back into the bag and start taking things out.  In my case, there is probably a duplicate copy of whatever it is, so I'll see it again anyway and have to make the "chuck it" decision repeatedly.  

Next subject:  Propane
While I've been refilling my propane tank that feeds my heater on a regular basis, the tank that feeds the stove and hot water heater just ran out this morning (Feb 20) for the first time. That makes 4 months to go through a 20 lb propane tank. Not bad.  And when it isn't winter any longer that will be the only propane I'm filling.  We've been having spring-like weather so I'm only running the heater for a couple of hours in the morning and a couple of hours in the evening, so we're beginning to use less already, which is nice on the budget.  During the full-on winter months I was using about $60/month of propane.  Nice to be able to budget for next winter.

Next subject: Making things happen vs. allowing things to happen
If you aren't into the "deep thoughts" posts, you can stop reading now.  So, I've always been the type of person who makes things happen.  I decide what I want and I figure out how to do it, get it, build it, learn it, apply it, or drive it.  Usually once I've settled my mind on one of those things and taken a few steps in the right direction, things just begin falling into place.  If I'm going the wrong way, I figure that out too pretty quickly.  Really good example you already know if you follow the blog is the Grantsville move.  I felt really compelled to be in St George, I started down a path to parking the Bungalow there, which didn't work out, but my friend Robyn happened to be in St George at the same time (I hadn't seen her in 20 years) and staying 5 minutes from where I was camping.  There was some serious orchestration by the heavens to make that all happen!  Moving here to Grantsville has been FANTASTIC! And quite a blessing!  As I sit here in the sun on a lovely spring-like day I could stay here forever.  A couple of weeks ago in the midst of a winter inversion where the cold air and smog gets trapped between the mountain ranges and anyone living in the valley wants to flee for clean warm air, I was moving tomorrow to Florida.  I also realized that I was Vitamin D wonder I was wanting to make my escape to the Sunshine State.  Now that my Vitamin D is back to normal-ish, and the weather is changing for the warmer (although we're not out of the wintry woods yet), I'm not feeling that "get-me-outta-here" quite so strongly.  I'm also beginning to wonder if the push-push-push to get things done and get a job and move somewhere else, needs to be re-organized into an allow-allow-allow attitude that will get me where I need to go, to build, to learn, apply, and drive in good enough time. I write this I'm feeling calmer already.  Think I'll go put on my shorts and sit in the sun a while longer with Nellie (who, incidentally, is sunning in the driveway instead of on her comfy pillow which is next to me).

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  1. Can I come sit with you and Nelly and just not even talk? I truly feel your sentiment.