Friday, May 30, 2014

Gable end insulation and the end of an era

I must say I really like the Roxul insulation I'm using.  It is made from rocks, doesn't disintegrate like cotton candy when it gets wet, is naturally mold/mildew resistant and doesn't catch fire. I use a bread knife to cut it (as per the instructions), and even though I should be wearing gloves, I haven't been with no side effects.  

The report for the day is that I finished the insulation in the roof and gable ends.  Then I finished sealing the windows with Great Stuff (boy is it messy if you're not careful).  Now I'm ready to start putting on the wall and ceiling covering.  Just a little bit excited about it!  

Here is the sleeping loft end.  Ready to go!
And here are four of my favorite ladies in the world! 6th grade graduation brings the end of an era at Lincoln Elementary!  All three nieces and a nephew have gone through Lincoln. Thanks to all the great people there for giving these great kids a great education!  They are obviously amazed at my handywork! ;P

Here is the porch end of the Bungalow.

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