Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New friends!

Here I am spending money again.  Today was IKEA day.  Cabinets, countertops, sink, and faucet all came home with me in the Jeep.  I need to send a big shout out to my three new friends I met at IKEA. I was contemplating in the lighting section when a woman approached me and asked about cabinet legs.  Funny, because of all the people in the store I was also buying cabinets and needed legs.  I had written down where they were (aisle 9 bin 8) and instead of trying to explain how to get there through the maze that is IKEA, I thought it would be easier to just show her.  I was headed to the cabinet legs eventually anyway.  We got to talking and had a really nice conversation.  We were both buying cabinets, me for the Bungalow, her for her laundry room, thus the cabinet leg adventure.  I'm always a little surprised that people are so interested in the tiny house thing. I showed her pics of the Bungalow and we waited for our cabinet orders to be pulled.  The ladies at the furniture pick-up counter were also very helpful and very interested in the Bungalow. Showed them all the pics and told them about the blog.  Very fun to share this adventure with people who are excited about it. So a big hello to Randy in Wyoming (hope your drive home was uneventful) and the two IKEA ladies if you are reading this! 

The counters and cabinets before...

I love the round sink.

AND I put one of the cabinets together tonight just because I could.  Still have quite a bit to do before finishing up the kitchen but I just couldn't resist. So here's the one I did this evening...

The top section is a drawer...

And the bottom has shelves

This will be where it actually lives next to the fridge with another narrower 4-drawer cabinet on the other side of the fridge and obviously the countertop eventually.


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