Friday, May 9, 2014


I've been spending money again...I felt like I needed to purchase the appliances, like the cooktop and water heater before hiring someone to plumb the propane.  I decided that I can do the water plumbing myself and I've purchased Sharkbite fittings to make that a bit easier, I think, as well as pex tubing. Don't want to go the copper route because I would need to hire someone to do that as well.  

Yesterday I got so excited when the cooktop arrived along with the shower drain.  I've been anticipating getting the kitchen finished for a while now.  Also, I ordered a tankless water heater a couple of weeks ago.  When it came it was so large that I would have had to put it in a cabinet outside, so I finally decided to send it back and get a smaller ventless model.  Now I have everything I need to begin the water plumbing, so I finalized my layout yesterday.  

Began yesterday by figuring out how the shower is going to go and hung the diverter.  Then I ordered the rest of the fittings I will need and picked those up this morning.  So, all ready to go when my get-up-and-go is ready.   

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