Tuesday, October 14, 2014

More painting and stuff...

Two week update...
The list got shorter this week. Painted the gable ends blue. I also realized that I didn't paint the cut ends of the siding, so that happened too. I'm probably the only one who can tell, but it just looks a little more finished. Some before and afters. 



Before                                                                    After
The hinges, which used to be black, are now almost invisible...I like it much better.
The speakeasy was just looking a little out of place on a white door, so I decided to paint it white and I think it just fits better now

Started on the utility box, but wasn't too motivated about it yesterday, so now it is put away for a few days until the rain has passed.

Finished the painting on the trunk - inside and drawers.  I dyed a piece of fabric to use on the front of the drawers, but now I'm contemplating a more elaborate scheme.  Before I tell you, I need to make a decision, but I know it will be fabulous!  So, get ready for more fabulousness!

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