Thursday, October 30, 2014

Utility box, etc.

I finally got started on the outside utility closet.  Here is the frame.

Then the weather turned and we were supposed to get rain, but alas no rain.  I did get the shingles on before the supposed rain.  Still need to go back and add a drip edge.  This particular item will be a bit questionable when I move the house because shingles aren't generally rated for 65 mph down the freeway for hours at a stretch.  So I'll have to come up with some kind of a covering to protect them. 

The siding is on. I was determined to NOT buy another piece of siding and I had a lot of scrap pieces lying around, so I pieced the siding together.  This pic shows it half painted...

And all the way painted. 

And the painted doors. Just need to attach them.

The plumber is coming today to give me a quote for the propane. I'm very excited about that because when that is finished, I can finish the interior and the water plumbing. Getting SO close!  WAHOOOO!

Closet update...
Got the cedar put into the drawers. Just need to finish the drawer fronts now and that will be done too. 

Stairs update...
Have a brilliant idea for the stairs.  I've started on it, but not posting any pics until I make sure it will work. :)

"That's all for now Vladimir."  Name that movie...  Hint: Doris Day.

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