Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Closet

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So back to the bungalow.  With the changes I made to the interior layout, I essentially eliminated much of my storage space including clothes closets.  In an effort to keep some of the fantastic furnishings around my current larger house I've decided to use a few things for which they were originally intended. This trunk for example, which was being used as a TV stand.
My mother claims it is the trunk my grandfather used when he returned to Denmark as a missionary.  Although we have a picture of my grandfather with a trunk that looks like this one, I'm not positive that this is the actual trunk.  Nevertheless, I like it and I'm going to use it as my clothes closet.  It will sit in the corner behind the front door and most likely stay open most of the time unless I have guests or want to spread out something else.  It has the original fabric covering throughout which is very worn and musty. So the plan is to remove the old fabric, spray the interior and drawers with kilz (I was happy to find it in spray form), and add new fabric.  For new fabric, I plan on using a solid color, as opposed to finding a flowery print like the old.  If I feel like getting fancy, I might do a little embroidery work on the  drawer fronts.

Here I've got the drawers stripped of fabric and patched.  Only one drawer was actually not in bad shape.  The others have needed a bit of patching and repair. 

Got the fabric out of the inside as well. 

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