Saturday, October 11, 2014

More painting

The weather has been so nice that I figured I needed to get some painting finished before it turns cold. So not only the closet is getting a bit of paint/sealant, a few other painting projects are happening too.  Read on...

The inside of the future closet got a nice coat of the debate...paint or fabric to re-cover the inside?

The drawers are looking good too, and of course I ran out of Kilz just when I only need to finish the inside of two drawers. Of course.  Think I'll paint the drawers, but cover the fronts with fabric.  That way if I want to change the look, I can just re-cover the drawer fronts.

Next on the painting list is the storage loft.  The person who remodeled our current house left quite a bit of paint for touch ups, a 5 gallon bucket. So instead of buying more paint, I decided to use it for the storage loft.  Below, all ready for painting.

First coat, and a debate about painting the door...I was originally going to put a clear coat on the door, but I've almost decided to paint it.

Also on the painting list...a few panels on the gable ends outside are still tan and need to be blue.

The list for October includes painting, quotes for propane plumbing, and starting the utility box that will live on the trailer tongue and hold the electrical stuff.

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