Saturday, December 27, 2014

Closet drawers

Still focusing on in-the-big-house projects so I'm finishing up the closet as well. I wanted to embroider some sealife into the drawer covers to add a little fun.  The pictures don't quite allow you to see all the fun little details, but we'll give it a go anyway.

This is the bottom drawer, not quite finished...still need to attach the cover to the drawer.

The crab that lives in the bottom right of the bottom drawer.

And the seahorse that lives just above the crab.

Bottom drawer completed.

Second drawer up...

All four one not finished.

All four one finished

Drawers back in the trunk.  The light is a little funny on this pic and the bottom two drawers look fluorescent blue, but they really aren't.

There is a little bit left to do with the trunk, like put felt on the bottom so it slides on the floor without scratching, and the drawer slides need a little help too.  I only have six hangers to go in the left side, so I've been contemplating whether to make more hangers using the existing ones as a pattern or to design my own.  I was inspired this morning while watching Indiana Jones.  In Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Nazi weasle-y guy gets out what looks at first like nunchucks, but turns out to be a fold-up hanger which he then hangs his leather coat on (in the desert no less).  Ideas and ideas are springing into my head!

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