Monday, March 9, 2015

Blinds and more blinds

While on my trip to IKEA a couple of weekends ago, I discovered some table runners that I thought would make good blinds.  So I bought them.  And here, two weeks later, we have some blinds to put in all the windows.  We have tan for the big windows and white for the kitchen.  Hanging the kitchen blinds will be more of a challenge than the living room windows.  So here's what they look like...

Kitchen blinds (not yet hung in the kitchen)
Used buttons on the pull strings

Living room blinds
Used beads on the pull strings.

Hung in the living room

I also got some permanent lighting put up.  I wanted most of my lighting to be run by smaller batteries like AA's (rechargeable).  So I found some LED strip lights that I've attached to battery packs.  I got the ones for the storage loft put up.  There is a switch just above the door, so the lights can be turned on as you walk in.  Still making some decisions about the ones for the kitchen. 

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