Sunday, March 15, 2015

Kitchen plumbing

Just a quick reminder that the t-shirt fundraiser is still here to order or make a donation.  I'll be taking t-shirt orders until March 22 (next Sunday).  The donation option will be open until April 17th, the day before we leave.  Thanks to those who have ordered a shirt or have donated toward this first big adventure!

The best way to finish something is to begin. This I know for a fact. Started the kitchen plumbing and now it is finished.



Saturday's job was to test the water input for leaks before putting in the tub...first impression was epic fail, but on re-evaluation the shower connections were drip-free as was the kitchen cold water.  The kitchen hot leaked, but just needed to be tightened a little.  The epic fail section was the hot water heater connections.  Frankly I'm not too surprised.  I decided to add a shut-off valve to the water input on the water heater.  I will eventually have a shut-off valve on the water coming into the house, but as yet don't. 
After cleaning up the water mess, adding the shut-off valve, and tightening everything that needed tightening, I turned on the water again.  Behold, the water heater connections are still not cooperating.  So back to the drawing board there.  My sharkbite connectors don't thread very far despite being the correct size, so I used the connectors that came with the heater, but they don't connect to the piping well. So there you are.  Everything else was dry.  Put the sharkbites on and tried again.  Now the pipe connections don't leak but the fittings do.  I think I'll give up for today on that one and do something else.

Since the shower connections all hold water, I began putting up the wall covering.  I've ordered some water leak alarms that I'm going to put in the wall, so I'm not going to finish it all up until those come mid-week this week.  Looking good so far.  
With shower handles for effect. 

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