Thursday, March 5, 2015

T-shirt fundraiser to send Ticklebelly Bungalow to San Diego!

Ticklebelly Bungalow is going to the Kyocera Solar Expo 2015 on Tuesday April 21st in San Diego, California!  To get there I need to rent a pick-em-up truck (unless someone would let me borrow theirs for a few days).  To help with the cost, I've made up some lovely Ticklebelly Bungalow t-shirts for you to purchase. Just choose a style (women's fitted or men's regular), and a color (white shirt or blue shirt) and place your order.  Children's sizes are also available in white or blue.  All proceeds go toward truck rental and gas to get there and back.  AND you get to wear a fantastic shirt!  Click here to place your order between now and March 22nd. Shirts will ship beginning April 1st.  I'll be wearing one at the Expo!  If you don't need a shirt, but would like to help the Bungalow get to San Diego, there is also an option to make a donation. Add the $1 donation to your cart and then update the quantity to reflect your desired donation amount.  Thank you for helping make this first adventure for the Bungalow possible!

Shirts look like this:
Women's fitted blue

Men's regular white

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