Sunday, August 16, 2015

Random Traveling Thoughts

Coming out of the mountains into Colorado Springs was amazing!  The winding mountain road opening out onto high desert plain...beautiful!

It is interesting to drive through places I've driven many times and see it completely differently, almost as if I haven't ever been there before. That happened as I was driving north from St. George. The mountains were so pretty, and seemed unfamiliar. I thought maybe the sky was bluer or it was a different time of day, which may have been the case, but I saw the mountains like I hadn't seen them before. Interesting experience. Maybe I need to look at more things in my life with new eyes. Wonder what I will see. Should be interesting. 

I've seen quite a bit of wildlife in the last couple of weeks. Even saw a roadrunner in AZ. In Colorado Springs I woke up early one morning for a bathroom run and to my great surprise a two point buck was grazing on the hill about 20 yards from me. He looked up at me and went back to grazing like I wasn't there. Lots of squirrels, chipmunks, birds, heard about bears in the campground, but didn't see any, lots more deer, and even a herd of antelope. 

If you are looking for an Italian driving experience in the US, take 89A through Jerome, AZ. Reminded me of Cinque Terre except that there was actually room for two cars to pass in opposite directions. :)

Here's a being judgmental about someone else being judgemental. Sitting at the DMV the two men sitting one seat down were commenting about how the little girl (probably 9 or 10 yrs old) standing at the counter was dressed like an old lady, and her mom looked like a Walmart shopper.  I didn't look over at them though I was sorely tempted. Then their number was called and they walked in front of me. There are not on this earth two people who look more "redneck" than those two.   I must say, though, they gave up their easily accessible front row seats to an elderly lady and her helper.  Quite tempted to chuckle aloud. 

Some things that made me laugh aloud today: 1) the tough-looking cement truck driver barreling down the street with smoke barreling out of his nose.  I'm guessing from an e-cig because regular cigs don't create that kind of volume. 2) Just saw the cutest family cross the street on the way to the beach; mom, dad, two dogs, and a pot-bellied pig (on a leash no less).

Driving down the pacific side of the Cascades I was struck by how tall the trees are. Another thing I'm seeing with new eyes. I need more tall trees in my life. :) 

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