Monday, August 3, 2015

Work continues on Little Chicken

I realized that in the moving frenzy I failed to post a bit of progress that was made before the final moving insanity began. I had finished some inside trim. 


Random photo of the day: at the big house just after we moved in I planted a nectarine tree. It grew nicely the first two years and this year gave a bit of fruit. But SURPRISE! Not nectarines! Peaches!  6 of them. Before I moved, I picked a few and boy are they tasty!  Too bad the pears still have a month to go. The tree is loaded this year. 

Well, I was hoping to do a bit of organizing this morning before heading out, and clean myself up in the lake, but we are getting rain this morning, so maybe the organizing will have to wait.  
Monday was a total washout.  The rain I mentioned above turned into a downpour, so I packed up in the rain.  As  with camping I really don't like packing up everything when it is wet, but not much choice there.  Headed south to get out of the rain, which worked until about 8:30pm when we drove right back into a rainstorm.  The lightning was spectacular! And there were at least two rainbows.

I have a confession to make.  I'm back doing my old roadtrip habit again.  Yes, that one where I tell myself that I'll drive just a little further and then stop for the night, or stop for the bathroom.  Last night we got into the campground at 10...dark...very dark...backed Little Chicken into a spot, just hoping and praying that I didn't hit anything.  It turned out well, but was really stressful.  So, today I decided I wasn't going to do that anymore.  The new rule is: The first campground we come across after 6:30pm is where we are staying for the night.  Tonight it turned out to be the KOA in Montrose, CO.  I should have gotten a site with hookups.  As it stands we got a tent site, but we are parked on gravel, with only gravel to put out chairs on.  To bed early, too many mosquitoes anyway.  Somehow we managed to get inside Little Chicken and not bring any mosquitoes in with us.

Today took us through Arches National Park.
Little Chicken in the Garden of Eden

Little Chicken near the Fiery Furnace

Dogs aren't allowed on the trails, so we didn't do any hiking or trail walking, but it made for a beautiful drive through.  Love Arches!!

Wednesday August 5, 2015
May need to modify my new rule a bit. After an evening and morning on gravel, we passed quite a few campgrounds that looked really nice that were closer to the Arkansas River, and I think we would have quite enjoyed them. I must say we did stop for more potty/walk breaks today. It was a loverly day for traveling. Little Chicken felt right at home as we drove by Blue Mesa Reservoir. 

Jellystone Park in Larkspur, CO is our current location. Already met some great people, and my tiny house friends from San Diego will be here tomorrow for the Tiny House Jamboree Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. A Great BIG WAHOOOO!!

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  1. Little chicken, Nelly and Jen - wild and free at one of my favorite places!!