Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tiny House Jamboree etc.

I will now list for you the things I liked and didn't like about the Tiny House Jamboree. Let us begin with the dislikes. 1. Too many pitches from tiny house builders.  
2.  Not enough DIY houses on display. 

Now for the likes. 
1.  Spending time with my tiny house friends from San Diego. 
2.  Lots of great ideas for tiny house designs/layouts/materials. 
3.  I love how much everyone loves Nellie!
3.  Beautiful handiwork in the houses displayed. 
4.  Debi's never-ending squirrel and sleeping bag adventure. 
5. Pancake breakfast at Jellystone, with Yogi bear showing up to greet the kids. 
6.  Some of the speakers were very informative. 
7.  The food trucks. Period. 
8.  Beautiful Colorado Springs area. 
9.  Fantastic RV community that is so welcoming, friendly, and helpful. 
10.  Did I mention that Nellie is almost everyone's favorite?  I'm thinking of starting a blog called "EverybodylovesNellie" dot com and posting pics of random people loving on Nellie. Could have had some great ones of our toddler camping neighbor feeding her. SO cute!
11. Amazing scenery traveling to and from Colorado...including the flash flood thunderstorms. 

12. Even though it made for a big crowd, I love the amount of interest in simplifying life and taking more responsibility for and being more aware of our personal resources. 
Ps. 17,000, yes that is 17thousand people attended the Jamboree.
13. Everywhere I went, people were interested in Little Chicken, and a little surprised when I told them I built it myself. 

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