Saturday, August 29, 2015

More Random Traveling Thoughts

I stopped for gas in Forks, WA. I suppose i was expecting to see more Twilight themed stuff, but I only saw a couple of things, "Twilight firewood" being my favorite because it was just firewood. 

Just outside of Forks I was driving along minding my own business when all of the sudden the air blowing in the windows got really cold and as I came around a corner there was pea soup fog up ahead.  I immediately thought of Harry Potter and dementors. A few minutes later I got my first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean from atop a cliff.  If the fog hadn't been so dense, I probably would have been able to see it right about where the fog started. 

Things that make me smile every time: Elk crossing signs, tunnels made of trees, beautiful cliffside views of the ocean, funny conversations being loudly had by camping neighbor kids, Nellie snoring, views of the ocean, more tree branch tunnels, pink flowers blooming straight out of the ground (they're called Pink Ladies), more views of the ocean, tractor crossing signs, Italian mountain driving, Nellie farts and lighthouses. 
Got to go inside, but not climb the 163 steps to the lookout. 

Verizon jetpack review: I have now encountered my first place where I don't have service, Del Norte Coast Redwood State Park just south of Crescent City, CA.  Everyplace else I have gone I've been able to get at least one bar of service.  Here, though, "no service."  Now that I've traveled down Hwy 1 a bit farther, I realized that "no service is par for the course outside towns along Hwy 1.  Glad I had service in San Francisco or I might still be driving around trying to find the freeway. :)  Pretty happy with it overall so far.  

I've seen big trees before. The cedars in Ketchikan are humongous! AND WOWWEEE! are these redwood trees big!  Overwhelming! Period!  I drove so slow on the Avenue of the Giants that I had to pull over about a million times to let people pass.  I didn't care because I wanted to drive slow.

This trip has prompted me to add a couple of things to my bucket list. First, I need to experience the Avenue of the Giants topless (the Jeep that is) as a passenger so I can gawk the whole time instead of having to watch the road.  Second I need to come back without Nellie :( because pets aren't allowed on any of the trails. :(  :(

This week I have been completely overwhelmed with awe-inspiring beauty!  Between the ocean and the redwoods I will admit to tearing up.  I can't describe the feeling of touching a 600 year old tree and waking up to open Little Chicken's door to see that tree first thing in the morning.  Amazing!

And last but not least the fanciest Super 8 on the planet lives in San Francisco. 

ps. Got to cross the Golden Gate Bridge. Very cool. The fog was so low that I only got one little glimpse of the top. That was cool!

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