Thursday, March 20, 2014


Still working on the door...had to build up the side where the hinges are going to go because I am using strap hinges. Then had to wait for the expanding foam to expand and cure. Today I made the cured foam flat with the wall by cutting it with a bread knife, yes, a bread knife (the same one I've used on the insulation).  Then I cut my laminate flooring to the right length and I have a wall! The very first one to have a covering. Check it out!

Bare naked...

Only a bottom...let's keep this PG rated please.

Whew, got almost to the least enough to put the door on. Still working on the door a little. Need to finish the edges, sand and paint. Then the door will go in! Wahoo!

Yes, there is more. I started one of the interior walls today, the one that will hold all the plumbing.  It is also going to have some shelves.  I wanted the shelves to be adjustable so I lined up the boards that will be the shelf section and drilled some holes for the shelf brackets.  I'm hoping they will line up well enough to actually have a level shelf.  If not, I just drilled a whole bunch for nothing.

So here is the wall so far.  The fat side on the left will hold the plumbing and the skinny side on the right will hold the shelves. Still need to cut the shelves, and get the right sized brackets.  I used the bracket size from my bookshelf, so I guess I'll need to take a bracket with me to make sure I buy the right size. After I posted this pic I realized that my reflection is in the window. Does that count as a selfie?

And here is the wall with shelves. I cheated a little and used screws for shelf brackets for the picture.

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