Sunday, March 16, 2014

Windows installed, whew.

I like this picture. 
Window opening on the port side.

These were the procrastination windows of the century! I had good excuses though! Winter being the biggest one.  I didn't want to get halfway through putting in a window just to be snowed out for a week with a big hole in the wall.  Anyway, these were the replacement windows which I ordered by mistake. I looked high and low on the internet for information about how to install replacement windows in new construction only to find that there is a complete dearth of instructions. So I had to make it up as I went along. It worked out pretty well.  The two buggers are that these windows don't stick out of the outside wall as far as the other windows so trimming them will be interesting...haven't thought that far ahead yet. And second, there is no space for a window sill, which actually works out well because the counters will be installed at the height of a window sill anyway. Save me a little time on trimming out the windows. 
Port side window installed!

Both sides installed! Whew!

Port side from the outside

Starboard side from the outside. One trimmed and one untrimmed makes the smaller one look tiny. :)

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