Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekend progress

This past week I've been in quite a quandary about what I should bump to the top of the to-do list.  It seems that each time I decide on something, I realize that I need to do five other things before it.  I have a digital list of to-do's, but for some reason my brain doesn't organize digital to-do's the same way as paper/pencil to-do's. (I know I'm weird. I find the same thing is true with reading text books.)  So I took out my notebook and wrote down a few pieces of the puzzle.   Also, I'm determined to work on pieces for which I don't have to purchase any new materials.  I have quite a few things I can do with the materials I already have.  So on my list are: install the outlets, finish/hang the door, last two windows, interior walls (might need some materials depending on other factors), and finish the porch including trim, drip edge, and shingles.

The last couple of days I put in the outlets including the outside outlet, put the dog door and speakeasy in the door (it isn't hung yet), and put the trim, drip edge and roofing felt on the porch.  There were some shingles in the shed when we moved into our house, probably from the last time the roof was redone and I thought there were more, but I only had enough to do 1/2 of the porch roof.  So I didn't put the shingles on.  I did, however, put the roofing felt on.  I decided to do shingles on the porch roof for a couple of reasons. First, I really don't like cutting the metal roof; second, one roof panel is not wide enough to cover the porch, and two panels would leave A LOT of metal left over; third, when barrelling down the road at 65 mph the porch will be fairly protected from the wind blast; and fourth, the porch is not square (the rest of the house is, but the porch is very unsquare, and I don't want to take it apart and start over). I think it would be much easier to shingle the unsquareness rather than cut the metal to the unsquareness. :) 

Supposed to rain again the next two days, so the inside projects will get bumped to the top, which means interior walls. I'm pretty sure I have enough materials to do the wet wall, but the other side will need to wait until I buy more lumber.

One little miracle I must I was fitting the drip edge on the front of the porch, I put the left side on first and had to do some cutting to get it the right length/angles etc., but the right side was the right length already and I didn't even need to cut angles! The little lip at the bottom edge fit snugly over the lip on the left side like it is supposed to, and all I had to do was attach it to the roof.  So easy!  It was really nice to have one little easy miracle thing!

I think it looks much more finished...I like it.

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