Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Galley Hatch (YAY!!)

After puzzling quite a bit about my galley hatch design, I went back to my old saying, "The best way to finish something is to begin."  So I began, but found that my design seemed to be too weak.  Back to the drawing board and looking at other designs to see how other people have put together their galley hatches...even in the 1930's and 40's (thanks for the designs Uncle Jeff!) The new design is much stronger and I think will work.  The big reveal!  Hehe
Ooohh, wasn't that exciting!  This pic actually is the galley hatch frame connected to Little Chicken's body by the hurricane hinge.  The roofing is being held up by a piece of scrap wood, so the roof looks funny.  
Got the center supports and the first piece of insulation put in. 

The rest of the insulation went in...then the rain came...again.

Thursday was the day for coverings...the first layer.

And the roofing...

And the inside covering, just waiting for a bit of trim and the galley counter and shelf. 

It was getting dark, but I also got the front and back painted blue.

My dance workshop finishes tomorrow :( so I'll have more time to finish things up.  YAY!  Little Chicken will be ready to go!  

A note on downsizing (which is still going on).  I sold my kitchen chairs, and my living room chair went to the neighbor, so I'm getting a lot of practice sitting on my exercise ball.  I kind of like it.  Next on the list to downsize is the kitchen, preceeded by cleaning out the Bungalow, so I can move my kitchen stuff out there.  I made another donation run on Monday evening.  I've also determined that whatever doesn't sell (minus Mom's china) is being donated.  I don't want to store it, and I'm not handing it off for someone else to do.  We're in the homestretch!! Six days and counting.

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