Friday, July 17, 2015

Little Chicken, Little Chicken...

Friday July 17: Finished the port side door and got it hung.  Then decided to put a drip edge above the doors.  Don't know how much water will be diverted from the doors, but I like it because it makes the doors look like they have eyebrows. Still have more finishing to do on the doors.

Here is a picture of the roof from yesterday.  Note the big gap between the vent and roofing.  I've decided to go with a plastic skirt from the vent and sealed to the roofing.  We'll see how that turns out.  
Also, began the galley hatch, but got stumped because the floor needed to actually be finished first so I can measure the clearances correctly.  So I moved on to the floor.  Now the Bungalow and Little Chicken are twinners.

I put an aluminum corner on the back edge and it looks nice and finished now.  

Confession:  (if you are a guy you might want to skip this next paragraph, or not).  So I needed to cut the aluminum corner and I seem to have misplaced my earplugs.  I'm guessing they were still in the pocket of my really-gross-shouldn't-be-wearing-in-public work shorts that I threw away.  I can handle a moment of sawing wood, but not sawing metal.  So I opened my bathroom drawer to get a bit of cotton to use as earplugs, but noticed another item that would work splendidly well.  Yes, ladies I used 2 OB tampons as earplugs, and if you ever tell anybody I hope they laugh their guts out.  I was very surprised at how well they worked!  Better than my previously purchased meant-to-be-earplugs earplugs.  So next time you happen to take a peek in my toolbox you'll know what the tampons are for. :D  PS. Thought of taking a selfie, but decided against it. 

Then I got stumped again because my galley hatch design was extremely flawed. Starting over with a new design. That will be the next post (I hope).  

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