Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Serious downsizing!

I posted earlier in the week that I had a plan for the final downsize push. Basically moving into the Bungalow and letting go of what is leftover.

Wednesday - clothes
I took every piece of clothing I own and put them all on my bed. I'm not a clothes horse so it isn't that much. Then I took each piece and decided if I loved it and it made me happy. Yes...and it went in the keep pile, no...and it went in the donate pile, and maybe also went in the donate pile. As you can see if I didn't love it, it went in the donate pile. Just need to say I'm now in need of new socks. Now to find some I LOVE!  Confession: I have a couple of fancy dresses that I'm torn about.  I love them and they make me very happy, but I haven't worn either one in MANY years.  They need a consignment shop I think.  Any advice on this point?

Two views of ALL my clothes.

I am happy to report that everything fits in the spaces I had designed for my clothes.  Socks and undies go in the drawers under the bathtub, and everything else goes in the trunk.  Anybody out there have a 3D printer that needs a project?  I need some additional hangers for the trunk but the design is not a common one.  Can't just run over to the dollar store and pick some up.  I have a few ideas I need to try out, but a 3D printer would be ideal...and fun.

Wed/Thurs  Also got through all the books in the house.  Two boxes to the library, two boxes to charity and the keepers all went in a tote.  The keepers are mainly books that I use when I teach, so they are for work.

Thurs/Fri  Then I started scanning letters.  My mom didn't keep a journal (at least one that she didn't burn). So the letters she wrote are all the personal history we've got.  When my Grams passed away, Mom got back all the letters she had written to Grams.  Grams had saved them all.  It is fun to read about the time when my younger brother and sister were born and very small.  My mom and dad were so excited to have them come to our family.   

I'm still selling furniture and it seems to be going quite well.  The big house is starting to feel more empty, which is probably a good thing.  This week I'm going to focus on finishing the teardrop so I can then clean out the Bungalow and begin the big (or tiny) move-in.  :)

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