Friday, July 10, 2015

Teardrop closer to finished!

Friday July 10: Busy day...the assessor came this morning while Nellie and I were out for a walk.  The deadline for the buyer to request things to be fixed after the inspection passed today at 5, and no requests, so nothing got added to the to-do list.  YAY!  Nellie had a follow-up visit about her fat toe.  It is getting better. Whew!  She finishes meds this weekend and then we'll see what happens.  Back in a couple of more weeks for one more set of x-rays just to make sure all is well.  Mowed the lawn.  I only mow about every 10 days, it sure looks nice.  Got out to the teardrop in the evening and got the vent put in.  The supposed "universal" installation kit was short 4 screws, but I had some that worked just fine.

Also got started on putting the doors together.  I was going to use 2x3's, but the weight was getting worrisome, so I tried out a 1x3 and the doorknobs will fit just fine and the windows will fit better than with 2x's.  The doors will seal differently, but I think it will work out just fine.  I really want to get the doors on because that is what I've been worried about with the rain.  The doorways are quite large. 
Gluing the layers of a door below.

 Anyway, the goal for this weekend (and I'm hoping by the end of this post) I can report that the doors are attached! Then for the galley hatch!  Oh, and the galley hinge finally arrived...only 10 days after I expected it.  Hmm.

So here we are at Thursday July 16 and I have been continuing the downsizing activities.  Sold some more items, got the kitchen sink fixed, cleaned out the loft space (some of which is still in the living room, donated a large load to charity.  The difficult item for the week was cleaning out Mom's cedar chest.  Glad that is a once in a lifetime activity.  And the unexpected item for this week was having two large branches from my front tree spontaneously fall.  Luckily no one was underneath when the first one fell.  I heard it break, but with all the fireworks still going on I thought it was just a funky sounding firework.  That is until one of the neighbor kids knocked on my door and told me a branch just fell from my tree.  Not even a breeze was blowing, just fell right down.  Later that evening we had a bit of a wind/lightning/thunder storm and another one broke and was holding on by a piece of bark so I pulled it down.  Spent Wednesday with the chipper roaring along making some lovely mulch for the garden.  Still have the main parts of the branches to cut up, but that isn't too big of a deal.

The to-do lists have mainly been about the big house until yesterday when the tree decided it was time for me to get back outside.  Worked on the starboard side door yesterday and today.  Actually got it hung, but there are still things to do before it is finished.
The window is super funky.  I guess that is what I get for buying surplus windows.  The window isn't flat so it sits strangely in the door.  I used a ton of putty tape so it won't leak, so there will be NO close-ups of the window.  It is pretty ugly up close.

I also got my little glass block windows put in.  Still need to finish the inside, but I think I'm going to really like having a little extra light.  They need a little clean-up.

Then tonight I finished the roof.  No pics because it was too dark when I finished.  Now for the new dilemma.  I chose a roofing solution that has quite a high profile, which I didn't take into account with the roof vent.  So as I see it I have a couple of options.  Choose a different roof covering, or make some kind of a skirt for my vent that would allow water to run on top of the roofing instead of underneath, but not flap in the wind as I'm rolling down the road.  Put on your creative thinking caps please.  

So the galley hatch and the port side door are on the list for tomorrow. I'm just a little bit excited for that.  Not sure how long the galley hatch is going to take.  I'm hoping just a day or two.  I'm also excited to get started on the inside.  I have some laminate flooring left from the Bungalow that I'm going to use as the floor covering.  And the trim is just waiting to go in.  Wahooo!

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