Sunday, July 26, 2015

Kitchen moving, etc

I have to say I kindof like this kind of kitchen moving...fill up the laundry basket, take it out to the tiny house and put the stuff away.  Repeat.  No wrapping stuff, no sealing boxes and hoping nothing breaks, no forgetting what was in this box or that box.  AND if it doesn't fit, it goes in the donate box. The end. 
Here are my empty big house kitchen cabinets.

I was going to take a pic of my tiny house kitchen with full cabinets, but I didn't do it when I first thought about it. Then the packing frenzy began and the Bungalow filled up with stuff, so we'll all have to wait for that pic. Of course when it comes time to move the Bungalow on Wednesday everything will go in a box or tote and sit on the floor so that nothing gets broken.  Just wanted to make sure I had room for everything.

So the packing and chucking frenzy began and ended. Interspersed with extreme stress about getting out of the big house on time. Rental truck lights not working.  Getting a new truck.  New truck lights not working properly.  Audry and Lori coming to my rescue. Meeting the wonderful new owners of the big house.  Moving Ticklebelly Bungalow to my Dad's only to find out that I should have measured the pad and not eyeballed it.  Wrecking my Dad's lawn.  Moving Ticklebelly Bungalow to RV storage instead.  (I really need some backing practice. Although since TB isn't a constant road-going vehicle, I'll practice with Little Chicken.)  Two truckloads to the dump totalling about 600 lbs (talk about taking a load off).  A few rounds of exhausted tears and an exhaustion bellyache.  Kindness from all of my neighbors.  Little Chicken's lights working perfectly with the Jeep. A gigantic Lime Rickey and fries.  And a Blue Moon to top it all off so I didn't need to find my flashlight.  Glad it is finished.  There will be more serious downsizing when Ticklebelly Bungalow finds her next resting place, but for now the roadtrip is the focus!  Whew!  Feels really good to be finished with the mortgage and utilities.     

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