Tuesday, February 18, 2014

More planned roofing

Lovely day for roofing today -  a bit overcast, but fairly warm.  I even took my hat off. So here is the progress.

First panel on!!

Second panel on...

Third, fourth, and fifth panels on...

All the panels are on!!! 

I had already put the vent on the ridge cap so it was all ready to go. The dilemma was how to get onto the roof to secure it.  I had taken off the cleat that I was using before and didn't want to put any extra holes in the metal. I tried a couple of different ways to get up on the roof and finally resorted to putting the cleat back on so I felt comfortable getting up there.  I had decided a long time ago that if I wasn't comfortable about being on the roof, then I wouldn't get up there.  I'll put a couple of screws in the extra holes and I won't worry about it.

Now for the ridge cap...

The only selfie you'll ever see of me and the house. :)
One more note about sitting on the ridge... the ridge cap is about 3 million times more comfortable on the bum than sitting on the ridge made of plywood and a 2x6.  My inner thighs sure got a good workout! 

Mostly finished! Still have to trim the ends of the ridge cap and I have a row of screws left to put in, but I need a different ladder.  The holes are too high for my 8 foot ladder, but just low enough that I can't reach them from the ridge. 

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