Sunday, February 16, 2014

Woman's prerogative, part 2

I think that when a woman changes her mind, it is always for a good reason.  Here is the perfect example.  In my post a few days ago I talked about changing my wiring to accomodate an outside breaker box instead of having a box inside the house.  As I began to remove the wiring from where it was, I found that I had attached one wire to the wrong place.  So instead of my floor being on one circuit by itself and the outlets on a different circuit, I had somehow wired my floor to the outlets down the line from it.  Boy, that would have been a mess to figure out later! I don't plan on having any electricity for a while so I would have been completely stumped when I finally got some power into those lines.  Not to mention the complete mess to put it the way I wanted it.  I suppose I would have just had to live with it.  SO, I'm so glad I changed my mind because I found a very big mistake in the process.  While moving the line from the fan, I decided to take the wire along the ridge beam instead of down through the wall.  In order to make that work, I ended up putting an outlet in the sleeping loft too, which I hadn't planned to do.  But I think it will be good in the end.  

Lesson for the day: listen to your heart, it might just save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

PS. With the snow and ice all melted from the firepit in the backyard, the glow rocks show again.  Can't wait for a fire in the firepit again!

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