Monday, February 17, 2014

Planned roofing

The roofing begins!! Starting with finishing up cutting the edge that I started last night, I got right to work this morning.  Painting the cut edges and pre-drilling the holes for the screws came next, so I got out the rebellious tarp and stacked all six panels that I would be using on the port side. I drilled through all the panels so the screws would line up nicely...and I only had to drill the 23 holes once, although I do get to do it again tomorrow with the panels for the starboard side.  I put up the strip on the eave that keeps weather/birds/bugs out from under the ribs of the panel.  Then the real adventure began...squaring the first panel with the roof!! 

Can't remember what this little strip is called, but it was the easiest part of my work today.

After a couple of attempts at squaring the panel by measuring the overhang I realized that wasn't the best way to accomplish the task.  I knew the roof was square, so I finally measured from the bottom of the panel to the top of the roof deck and made sure that measurement was the same on both edges. First panel up!!!! 

Second panel up!!!!

Third, fourth, and fifth panels up!!!!!

All six panels up!!!!!!

I was quite pleased to measure the last panel and have less than a half inch difference between the ridge and eave. Almost square, and finished the first time. No redo-ing. So glad for that.

I wanted to get the panels all ready for tomorrow so I painted the cut edges, but it got cold and dark again. Amazing how that happens every day!  So the pre-drilling and cutting the width will have to wait until tomorrow.   Found out today that cutting with a jigsaw works the best. I don't end up with pointy places...just not quite completely straight cuts, but the cuts weren't completely straight with the shears either, and the jigsaw is a billion times faster. Just remember the earplugs, wow it is loud. Starboard side and ridge cap are on the menu for tomorrow.  So excited to have the roof finished!

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  1. You are amazing I have had this same type of plan for a long time I had a complete subscription to mother earth for years with that type of plans then all of a sudden I am old and it is much harder to deal with thing with age and the complications of life.