Friday, February 7, 2014

Wiring, insulation, and an outlet!

I have been working on the house slowly but surely, just not posting much because I feel like I haven't made much progress...until I look at the last post and realize I don't have pics of the wiring that is now finished.  I've put in seven outlet boxes, one thermostat box for my radiant floor, and the fan wiring.  I actually have one more box to put in which is the outside outlet - maybe tomorrow I'll do that.  But I do have pics of the insulation that I've been working on for the last couple of days.  I doesn't really take that long to do insulation, but I haven't been dedicating big chunks of time to the project. So small chunks of time have led to a little over half of the walls with insulation.  I need to get some more insulation now, I'm all out.  I knew when I bought the first round of insulation that I was only buying half of what I needed, but I couldn't fit any more in the Jeep. 

Starboard wall and bathroom end of the house mostly insulatied

Starboard side and porch end of the house

I actually got two outlets done this afternoon, but only took a pic of this one.  Kind of exciting!

Just now I realized that I could put the wall covering on the bathroom end wall!  Well, not really...I still need to finish the inside of the window on that side. Anyway, getting closer every day.  Supposed to rain all weekend and actually be semi warm outside so I guess I'll get more inside work done and maybe begin in earnest on the front door. 

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