Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A few little things

today was a bit stormy (read that very rainy) and I wanted to get something done outside today so I dug the last two pieces of my metal roofing out from under the snow.  I had propped the roofing against the shed and when the snow all began in earnest in December two panels fell down in the wind and were buried under the snow.  It has been cold enough to make the snow super hard, crusty and icy so I didn't bother trying to get them out.  Well, I'm going to need them when this round of storms passes.  Since it was so warm today I figured I might as well dig them out and it was easy.  Then I had to wipe them down because they were quite dirty.  That was task #1.  

Then task #2 involved digging out a tarp that had been used to cover the siding panels before they were put up.  A similar situation as the roofing panels took place only the tarp also had a layer of ice.   It happened to be right under where the snow careens off the roof and piles up.  It was slippery and in the way of my ladder, so I thought it was time to take care of that one too.  Lots of digging today.

Task #3 happened to be my favorite.  I have been looking for a small fridge online for a long time and was cringing at the prices, but I ran across this little gem at Target on sale $70 off. So I ran out and snapped it up today.  Now I can more effectively plan my kitchen.  I've been kind of waiting until I got my fridge so I can be sure of the counter height. SO EXCITED to get this for a good price. I unboxed it for the picture, but put the box back on afterwards so it doesn't get all dusty and dirty while building walls and cabinets. 

Task #4 put me one step closer to my finished roof...I put the vent material on the ridge cap. Not hard, but necessary. So that is now ready to go too when the weather clears again enough to get back up on the roof. 

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