Friday, January 24, 2014

Drip edge...and more!

Well, I'm one step closer to the roof. Got the drip edge on the tongue end gable. Drip edges aren't usually used this way but the gable end caps seemed too big and bulky, were ugly, and cost five times as much so I opted to go the more simple route and use the drip edge all the way around the house. So now the trim is finished on three sides as well as the drip edge on three sides.

Didn't post when I finished this side it took a couple of days because I had to paint a trim piece. Yes, once again I painted in the house because it is too cold outside. Anyway, finished that a few days ago and then took a two day break and stayed warm in the house.  Today was nice enough that Mom could sit outside with me, get a little sun, and stay warm.

I also finished the porch roof today and realized just how un-square it actually is. At this point I'm going to leave it alone and have an un-square porch roof.  As long as it does the job of keeping me dry during rainstorms while I'm sitting on the porch enjoying the lovely smelling rain, I really don't care if it is square or not.  Ask me again when I have to cut the metal roofing to make it look nice, my answer may be different. I also added a drip edge between the house and porch roof and started on the siding on the porch side gable.  I wasn't actually going to start that today, but I had a bit more sunlight when I finished with the porch roof so I figured I might as well get started on it. I'll finish that tomorrow and maybe get the trim on too. Only a few steps left before the roof! And now that the porch roof is on and sturdy, I feel much more comfortable getting on the roof. Wow! Sometimes I have a little reality moment and I get really excited that my little house is actually happening!  WAHOOOOOOOOOO!

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