Tuesday, January 14, 2014

More siding...

The past two days have been quite nice weather. I haven't gotten a ton of things done on the bungalow, but the siding is almost finished. Got the siding under the porch roof put on yesterday.
Mom even sat outside this afternoon while I worked.  It was chilly, but in the sun I think she stayed warm enough.

Then today I got the siding put on the gable end on the other side. I had to buy another piece of siding so it hasn't been painted yet.  I might paint it tomorrow depending on how warm it actually gets.  I forgot to take a pic before I secured the tarp so this is a weird picture. 

Another strange one of the last piece going up

Mom enjoying the sunshine!

Sunset last night from the porch. A few minutes after I took this the moon came up over the clouds.  So pretty! (it was brighter pink than the pic shows, quite brilliant!)

Sunset looking out the opposite window.  It was a good one!

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