Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Porch Roof!

Today the weather was quite warm compared to the last month or the 40's! Wahoo! Decided to take on the porch today.  I had an idea of how I wanted it to go, so I went out and measured, then started cutting.  Put the framing together, but then the to get it up to where I wanted to attach it to the house and hold it there while I attached it.  So I put on the support posts then with my Incredible Hulk- like strength hoisted the whole thing up onto the porch. The support posts did their job and I was able to adjust the part that would be attached to the house and get one screw in. Whew!  Put a few more screws in and came in the house for dinner.  After dinner I put Mom to bed and went back out to do a bit more work. I took a light with me and I have to admit it was really nice to work out there with a light tonight. It stayed realtively warm until I came in at about 11.  But it is supposed to snow again tomorrow...big cold front coming through. So after dinner I put some sheathing on the porch roof. I'm determined to not buy another piece of plywood so I'm piecing together the porch roof.  One side is 1/2 inch plywood and the other side is 3/4 inch plywood. But I think I'm the only one who will know (except all of you who read this), and it won't be noticeable once the drip edge is on. So I was really happy with what got finished tonight. I still need to finish the sheathing because I didn't want to run the saw after 10pm.  I cut what I could and put it on, then covered it with roof paper, hoping that the wind will not blow it all away.  Since I finished so late I obviously didn't get any good pics.  I'll add some to this post tomorrow.  Yipee!! Now I can finish the siding on the porch side too. VERY excited about that.  Making progress and quite pleased with it.

Porch in the dark...

Porch in the light...

Looking out from inside the house

Another view

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