Thursday, February 13, 2014

Woman's change her mind

Sometimes I wish I didn't spend so much time looking at tiny house ideas such as what other people have done and what equipment they are using.  I watched a video the other day that had all the electrical equipment on the tongue end with the breaker box outside.  I've also seen breaker boxes on the inside and that was how I was planning to do mine, although I was resigned (as opposed to happy) about having an inside breaker box.  I've never found breaker boxes particularly attractive, even painted ones, and limited inside wall space made my resignation not so easy. Well then I saw the above mentioned video and decided I'd rather have an outside breaker box and all my solar batteries/equipment on the tongue end like the video. So in order to make that happen I need to take out a bunch of the insulation and re-wire a bit. On the up side...I haven't put in any wall coverings yet, so taking out insulation is is the time to make the change if I'm going to...and it is relatively warm outside so I'd better hop to! Tomorrow is Friday, so it is Ticklebelly Bungalow day!

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