Tuesday, September 9, 2014

First night in Italy

Where to begin?  The flight from Paris to Venice was mostly uneventful. Two notable items...LOVED listening to the flight attendant speaking four different languages asking, "tuna or cheese" sandwich? Tuna or cheese? Tuna o cheso? Tuna o formaggio? Tuna o fromage?  So silly! He was a hoot!  Item number two...as we descended into Venice I felt like I was in "City in the Clouds" from Empire Strikes Back. So beautiful...I wish I had my camera out, but alas no.

Here is my little Fiat that I'm driving. Cute little car with lots of get up and go!  It is parked at the B&B I'm staying at in a little beach town just a vaporetto ride away from Venice.  
This is the front of the B&B. My room is on the second floor

Here is my room. 

This photo I've titled "Showering with friends" but of course I took this little gecko out of the shower before I got in.

Here is the view out my window.  The countryside is mostly farms. I've mainly seen corn. It is quite humid and VERY green.  

Went for a walk tonight at dusk, or I would have a ton more pics of houses that I'm in love with.  Guess I'll have to walk again tomorrow when there is more light so I can take care of that.  Then the full moon came up and was bright orange sitting on top of the trees.  SO gorgeous, but a cloud got in the way before I could take a good pic.

A couple more funnies from my walk...a car playing loud music passed me, yep they were playing Tina Turner. AND of course the two drunk guys on bicycles who passed me ...twice... saying "Ciao Bella!" and then went back to their conversation in German.  HEHE!

Great day today...another one tomorrow with a walking tour of Venice, vaporetto ride, and gelato! And more pics of the houses here...so cute! Large, but cute...is that possible?  You decide... 

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