Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday the 19th

Today was another fabulous day. Started with peach jam filled croissants. Hard to beat that!  Well, unless you go to the Ferrari Museum next. All I have for you today is car pics. After the museum in Maranello, I drove back to Venice. It was quite foggy today. Not enough to slow traffic, but enough that I couldn't see much scenery. Very thankful to be staying in a hotel again tonight. Had a lightning storm and the accompanying rain was incredible!  I was driving on the autostrada when it started. I rarely use my fast speed wipers but I did tonight! Slowed way down because of standing water on the road. I had to duck into IKEA in Padova to wait out the storm. So sad. I got my meatballs and mashed potatoes after all. And oh the dessert!  

A couple of observations...all the painted houses are on the color wheel between yellow and red. I saw one green house today and the only other green, blue, or purple houses were on Burano island. I think I posted a pic of those last week. 

Observation number two: God has been driving my car.  How do I know? Because I'm never lost for too long, and I always find my way wherever I'm going. Tonight is the perfect example. When I first found my hotel it was by accident ;) so I didn't turn into the parking lot directly because I was in the wrong lane. So I kept driving until I could safely turn around. Then tonight coming back from the lightning show and dinner, I was a little nervous about finding the hotel again. I kept following the signs for the town hoping something would start to look familiar. I then came to the place where I turned around earlier and I knew exactly where I was. This isn't the first time either. It happens every day!  Going to Rome tomorrow, and I'm praying that this will continue. Thank you!

Observation number three: I really like having a limited wardrobe. Sure makes getting dressed and washing clothes easy. 

Observation number four: Ferrari makes a car with a back seat. So you can drive with your spouse and 2 children at 150 mph on the autobahn. Hehe

Ok now for the pictures you've all been waiting for... If you don't scroll through the pics that's ok, but you need to at least look at this one... Do you see the fox face?

A little odd looking, but very aerodynamic. 

Kinda looks like a fancy camp chair in that aerodynamic car. 

A limited edition and one of the most expensive models made. The Shah of Iran bought two. Peter Sellers also had one. 

Two favs were out in the parking lot of the museum. 

And just in case you were curios about flying abilities...
The center button says "launch". 

Off to Rome in the morning. Staying in Gaeta at an Airbnb room. Pompeii on Sunday. Home on Monday late. Two more amazing days to come. Wahoo!

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