Thursday, September 18, 2014


Saw something funny yesterday while driving that I forgot until just now. I saw a sign that advertised dance classes and Pilates with an arrow pointing left. I looked left hmmm. Big sign fronting a pizzeria. LOL. 

Here it is Wednesday again. I'm on my way to Pisa today, but I woke up a bit early to head out. So I thought I'd give you all an idea of where I have been. 


Northern Italy 

Started in Venice

Then to Aquileia

To Trieste

To Cortina d'Ampezzo

To Lake Garda

Now to Massa which is between Pisa (where I'm going today) and Cinque Terre (where I'm going tomorrow)

Guess I'm in for a treat this morning no hot showers at this campground :)  First one without hot water so far. No complaints... The weather is warm here. Ah, never mind about the cold showers I just had to look in the right place. Now I just hope I have the right change. The hot is coin operated. ;). So much for that. Had the right change, but couldn't get the hot to work. Cold, very fast shower today. 

So, Pisa. Another WOW!  Here you go...
The Cathedral...

The mosaics above three



I have a thing about taking pics inside, just feels wrong to me so nothing from the inside, but it was amazing. I do have to say that I'm thankful that living in tourist towns has taught me to be a thoughtful tourist. I was reading a placard  in one of the chapels inside the cathedral and a guy walked up right in front of me and held up his camera to take multiple pictures of it. He didn't even stop to read a few lines to see if it was important, just snapped away and rushed on to the next. I suppose that's one way to do it, but I've never seen the point in that.  Is he really going to go home and read what he took a pic of?  Last tourist beef...the vendors at the city walls are so obnoxious. Selling glasses, purses, watches. Almost don't let you pass. I walked next to a policeman as I left the square and they didn't bug me. Then I got back to the car and there was a guy hanging around the lot who walked up to my car and asked me for my parking receipt. It still had about three hours on it (I didn't have the right change). I asked him if he was going to pay me for it and he walked away. I ended up giving it to a couple from Australia who had just been scammed by someone else about parking.  Okay finished with the tourist rants. 

On to the baptistery...


This was 3D. I'm sure there's a name for it but I don't know what it is. 

From above

The cathedral from the second story of the baptistery. And the tower behind which looks like it is photo bombing the cathedral. 

Then the museum. 
Inside one building on the square there were paintings on the interior walls. When restoration of the paintings was started they discovered the hand drawings of the artists underneath. These drawings were then recovered and now they are in a museum. Totally fascinating to be looking at a drawing by the artists hand that is 700 or 800 years old. Just WOW!
Ps the face is a contemporary piece and probably stands 10 feet tall for comparison. 

Quite amazing, and now the moment you've all been waiting for. The tower. 

I decided to not climb up the stairs because I knew there was no jumping from the top to save my knees. I was a little surprised by how much below the level of the square the whole tower is. Then when you add the lean factor, it is quite amazing to still be upright. 

After that amazing ness, of course I had to pass the McDonalds on the way back to Massa. Hehe. I also remembered seeing signs for another IKEA and meatballs sounded good for lunch so I started looking for the signs. When I realized I would have to turn around and go back into Pisa (nightmare tourist traffic) I changed my mind very quickly. 

So now this is my view and will be until I decide to go back to my tent. 

The Ligurian Sea. :)
One more to make your day. 
Pps. Where I am is the free beach. You have to pay in most places. The beach is not sand but smooth stones. My skin just about matches. 

Back to the beach after a shower to watch the sunset. Can't decide which pic to post, so I'll post a couple and you can choose your favorite. 

So there is Wednesday. Now if I only had an internet connection. I could share it with you. Then again if you're reading this, I must have found an internet connection. :)

Thursday- Cinque Terre
Friday- Modena
Saturday- back to Venice, train to Rome, then to Gaeta
Sunday - Pompeii
Monday - long plane ride. Wow!

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