Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Some surprising things to me...maybe everyone else knew these things. 
Italians listen to a lot of American music. The first day I was driving I turned on the radio to hear Morissey. Then U2 (I know British), but on and on English music...

Gardaland...like Disneyland apparently...similar font on the signs. Medieval Times and McDonalds very nearby...near Lake Garda. 

I'm in love with chocolate filled croissants. Good thing we don't have them in the states or I might be in trouble. 

Who would have thought there would be a bike race on a Tuesday afternoon?  If you look really carefully you'll see a pack of bicyclers in front of the building. I sat long enough to turn off the car and wait. 

Speaking of turning off the car, I've noticed that some people here, not all, turn off their cars at stop lights. Interesting. Does that really save gas and decrease pollution?

Those were all early-in-the-day thoughts. Later in the day I was thinking that this is my second favorite day. I took another back route toward La Spezia, which is between Pisa and Cinque Terre. More mountains, though not craggy and stone-y.  More soft tops and dense forest where it wasn't being farmed, along with wild flowers of all colors.  Another 27 switchbacks, but that was it. So amazing to drive up into the clouds and then drive back down out of them again. A few pics...

I've really only been lost twice. The first time was in Trento. I got off track but them somehow ended up where I wanted to go anyway. That was good. Then today I thought I was on the wrong road, but turned out I had been on the right one before, so I had taken a little detour for nothing. 
And then sometimes it pays to get lost. Like this...

Or this...
I took a wrong turn and ended up on a little peninsula with a mountain, which provide amazing views.  Trying to get back on the right road took me through the narrowest streets yet. It was a little like a maze too, very entertaining. Hehe

And then sometimes it is good to not have a campsite yet when the sun is setting... Like this...
Sunset from Massa, Italy. 

Tomorrow I visit Pisa in the morning and then I'm going to lie on the beach the rest of the day. My campsite, Camping Azzuro, is only a few blocks from the beach. :)

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