Thursday, September 11, 2014


Hi I took a few pictures from the ferry today. This is the cemetery island from the side that faces Venice. 

This is also the cemetery island, but on a different side. The ferry stopped at the island and people could walk through, but I didn't. 

On to the walking tour that I actually made it to today. I was glad I made it because our guide was very animated and informative. 
This is the back of the church facing the Grand Canal at the Rialto Bridge. There is an inscription there that reminds merchants to do good business. Also, our guide said that this is not the oldest church in Venice, but most Venetians will tell you that it is because it was in the center of commerce for so long. Here is the front of the church which faces a square where the Rialto Market used to start. 

I took this pic because of the greenery growing out of the rocks. Green things grow everywhere, even little cracks in rocks. 

I just liked this house, so I took a pic. 

Most of the buildings face canals and back onto squares. This building, however faces the square. Can you guess why?  We'll, I'll tell you. The used to be a canal between this house and the square which has now been filled in. Also interesting is the buildings on this side I the square are curved and not straight. 

After this we went to the Friari church. AMAZING!  Didn't take any pics inside because it felt weird. The funerary monuments in the church were amazing and the are no words to describe the paintings. You'll just have to come and see them yourself. 

Other cool things about the tour. Every year 30 million people visit Venice. The average stay used to be 3 days. Now the average stay is 5 hours. There is a cruise ship dock, so that explains a lot. The population of Venice is declining to about 1/3 what it used to be. People are leaving because it makes more sense financially to rent your place in Venice to tourists and have a not-so-crowded home on the mainland. Interesting to note that when you get off the tourist routes to popular places, it is quite silent. Ketchikan friends will recognize that for sure. And locals avoid the tourist attractions like the plague when possible. Ok, enough of that. 

Laughed today when I saw a guy in a boat talkin on the phone, driving with his bum. Yep, his bum was controlling the rudder. 

And then the ferry ride back to my B&B...
This boat. 

And the island of Burano

Leaning tower of Burano. :)

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