Monday, September 15, 2014


Today has definitely been my favorite day so far. I started with a 4 mile walk in the woods, went on to drive 60 switchbacks plus a lot more curves that weren't counted. Took a funuvia (tram) up a mountain and hiked down (won't do that again without trekking poles). Then drove into the most beautiful apple orchards and grape vineyards I have ever seen. And finally stopped next to Lake Garda and to camp in an olive grove.

Here are the pics. 

Lorenzo and the happy tent in Cortina. 

Which way should I go?

The waterfall and bridge. 


More avalanche...

Giant chunk of white limestone. 

Me and giant chunk of white limestone. Selfies aren't the norm for me but I figured I should actually prove that I was present. :)

Mountains and clouds

AAahhh, the funuvia.  Thought I missed my chance yesterday, but this was better I think. Took the tram to the top. Had to take big breaths and remember that if a bunch of elderly people could do it, so could I. A bunch of French couples went up at the same time...all blue hairs. 

Got to the top the map said difficulty:easy, 2 hours. Was I such a wimp that I couldn't go down the easy way instead of take the tram back down (the true easy way)?  I wasn't in a hurry and had two hours. Ok, bring it on. Hmmmm

The views were definitely worth it, but it was definitely NOT easy. 

Learned a little WWI history too. This pass was the site of some pretty serious fighting between Austria and Italy. There are things like this all over the place. 

An Austrian officer's hut. 
And the inside

More views

By this time my knees were starting to complain a little and I was wishing for those trekking poles. 

Pretty waterfall

Another WWI item which pointed to what you see in the next pic. 

If you look closely at the right side of the fissure, you'll see metal hand holds/steps leading to a little cave. The cave goes all the way through the rock and provided a nice view of the pass for the soldiers. 

More WWI buildings

That little black dot is where my car is parked. Another thought I had was that this trail was definitely NOT for children...not one railing only very steep slopes. 

Pretty little flowers of many colors dotted the landscape. Felt like I was Heidi for a minute. 
Finally made it to the bottom alive. Wonder what my knees will say tomorrow?

More views from the drive...

And Lake Garda

I'll take a pic of the tent tomorrow. It is dark now. 

So there was Monday. :)

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