Monday, September 15, 2014


Since the last post it has rained for at least twelve hours. That just means I listened to rain when I got in my tent, and when I went to sleep and each of the four times I woke pup. I stayed dry, though. Thankful for reliable tents. 

Today my exercise was stairs! Read on...

My day started out with a bit of driving through beautiful green countryside filled with corn fields, grapes, zucchini, fruit trees, and even a few palm trees here in Aquileia. To get to Grotta Gigante I drove into the hills on very skinny roads.  In the visitors center there was some interesting stuff like this...
Don't know if you can read any of that but it was interesting. 
Then we went into the cave, to see this...yes 500 stairs down. 
It rains all the time in the cave, how much depends on how much rain is falling outside. It was raining quite a bit because of so much rain outside lately. It a also quite cool in the cave. I was comfortable in my fleece. So here are some so-so pic of inside the cave. 

 There were a couple of people in our group that I wasn't sure were going to make it, but we all go out alive...yes another 500 steps to get out. 

One neat thing I didn't take a pic of was the pendulum in the center of the cave that measures movement if the earth, like earthquakes, large tides and changes in the tilt of the earth. 

More windy, hilly roads lead me to Trieste.  The population is about 200,000 and it is very close to the border of Slovenia, so all the sights are in Italian and Slovenian. The main square near the waterfront looks like this...

There are mosaics on the building on the right that look like this closer up...

After my afternoon gelato, I went to the Faro di Vittoria, Victory Lighthouse and got to go up to the top. Yes another stair adventure of 250 up and 250 down. 

Inside the stairwell is a worn looking wave painting. The first hundred fifty stairs from the bottom were marble, the remaining 150 were cement. 

Then... The view!!!!!  Now I need to figure out how to add a little video and it isn't working from my phone so stay tuned... Meanwhile, a photo. 

Other buildings around the lighthouse. 

This building is on the top of the mountains and can be seen from about everywhere in town. It is a church. Interesting. 

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