Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday Sept 18th

Hitting the road again. I realized the true reason I need someone to come with we can take turns driving and gawking at the amazing scenery!

Mosquito in the car...eating my ankles!  Oh good, just went near the window, so I let it out. Whew!

Went to Cinque Terre today. An amazing group of little fishing villages turned tourist attraction. I missed the turnoff for the southernmost town and didn't want to go back. So instead of seeing it by train I drove it. More switchbacks, and even skinnier roads if that is possible. Boy was I ready for the autostrada by the time I got to the northernmost town. My favorite little sign of the day was found in a cafe in Vernazza. 
"We don't serve eggs. Don't ask. This is Italy eat our food."  I don't have a problem with eating cream filled croissants today. I'll take two please. :). So here is the little town. 

Yep, that's about it except for tourist shops and the train station. But very picturesque. More photos from Cinque Terre...

Then I got on the autostrada. The speed limit is 110, but I was the only one going 110. The first car that passed me made it seem like I was holding still. Keep in mind that is kilometers per hour. Anyway, in a later conversation with an Italian man, when asked about why Italians drive the way they do, he said, yes you can go 130, but if you have a fast car, why not use it? I was laughing!
I got to Modena in time to visit Enzo Ferrari's house which has been turned into a museum. It is the 100 year anniversary of Maserati this year and so there are cars and drivers from all over the world here for the event. There were four or five cars from China. I was a little surprised by that. So, pics from the museum. 

The Maserati collection...

The Ferrari collection of old racers...

This one has two engines, one in front and one in back of the driver. WOW

I'm going to Maranello tomorrow, so more Ferraris tomorrow!  Wahoo!!

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